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The identical twin sisters Indiggo, that is to say Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea are American professional singers, actors, songwriters. They are members of American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers - ASCAP.
The Indiggo twins belong to a family from Transylvania, Brasov, and they are also known as Dracula's Girls. They have an older brother, Vlad, who is a game producer and whose name was given after Vlad Tepes' (Dracula). Their father is a very prolific writer and TV producer; he has a Ph.D. in Arts. Their mother, who has a Ph.D. in philology, is a teacher of world literature.
The Indiggo twins, both of them, majored in acting, graduating with honors from the National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts - UNATC, having been awarded Best Leading Actresses 2006. Following graduation, they attended acting courses in Cologne, Germany. Then they moved to New York where they studied acting with the American actor Paul Sorvino.
Mihaela and Gabriela have been introduced to music at the age of 6, taking piano, canto, dancing lessons ever since then.
Indiggo’s first album was produced by Media Pro Music-Romania.
Indiggo’s first Europe-wide single "Hip Hop Jam" - a catchy Latino song with Cuban influences - topped the charts in several countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Indiggo's songs have been featured throughout over 20 countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, Romania, etc.
Indiggo's "Be My Boyfriend" CD was produced and released by Sony BMG and Dieter Bohlen.
Mihaela and Gabriela performed on the most popular German and European TV shows and received major media support by "BILD", the best selling newspaper in Europe.
Indiggo twins have been featured in 3 musicals: they played the leading parts in the Award-Winning musical "The Two Orphans", in the musical “The Future is in Eggs” by Eugene Ionesco; in the musical “America Alive”.
After a prolific career in Europe, having worked with the most successful European music producers and having reached the top of the charts, Indiggo live in New York City where they are currently working, as theatrical pop-dance performers, on their to-be-released project in the United States of America.
Indiggo on Watch The Throne
Indiggo's composition LA LA LA is featured on the multi-platinum, 4 GRAMMYS awarded,
winner of "CD OF THE YEAR" album Watch The Throne
of the hip hop moguls Jay-Z and Kanye West who sampled the twins' LA LA LA
song on "the album's centerpiece" BET Awards nominated Murder to Excellence,
#10 on the tracklist, produced by Swizz Beatz and S1.
Indiggo's CD - LA LA LA was released in 2011 under DAS Label USA.
On June 21st, 2011, Mihaela and Gabriela had the premiere of their cabaret show entitled "Wicked Clone" at the Ensemble Studio Theatre, Manhattan, New York. The show was entirely written, composed, arranged, choreographed and performed by Mihaela and Gabriela. They are "the FIRST twins to write, compose, and perform an Off-Broadway cabaret and the whole production was FIRST class!!"
"Wicked Clone" was a great success. In the end of the show Mihaela and Gabriela received and signed a publishing deal on spot with IMAGEM MUSIC.
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February 10, 2013
Amazing News:
WATCH THE THRONE received another 3 GRAMMYS !!!!

WATCH THE THRONE was born to win!
3 Platinum (USA, UK, Canada), 1 Gold (Australia)!

Oct. 9, 2012
GREAT NEWS from BET Hip Hop Awards 2012:
MURDER TO EXCELLENCE was nominated for Impact Track

Come and enjoy
LA LA LA by the INDIGGO Twins (feat. on WATCH THE THRONE, Murder to Excellence):

April 29, 2014 8:30 at THE BITTER END, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC

December 27, 2013 8pm at THE BITTER END, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC

November 15, 2013 7pm at THE BITTER END, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC

November 2, 2013 11pm at Salon Lafayette NYC, 157 Lafayette Street, NYC
October 31, 2013 11pm at SubCulture NYC, 45 Bleecker Street, NYC
October 26, 2013 8 pm at KABIN, Washington, DC
August 1, 2013 9pm at The Delancey (168 Delancey Street, NYC)
July 10, 2013 9pm at THE BITTER END, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC

August 24, 2012 10pm at JAY-Z's 40/40 Club-
the best club in New York City
with the best cognac - JAY-Z's D'USSE Cognac

Sept. 29, 2012 8pm at VAN WYCK's Party

Oct. 4, 2012 7:30pm at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE, 96 Lafayette Street, NYC

Oct. 27, 2012 8pm at ALLISON SAROFIM's Party
Nov. 17, 2012 11:30pm - Art Show on Broadway, 623 Broadway, NYC

Dec. 13, 2012 9pm at THE BITTER END, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC

Dec. 16, 2012 6pm at Church of St. Monica, 413 East 79th Street, NYC
August 30, 2012 7pm at TAMMANY HALL, 152 Orchard Street (between Rivington and Stanton)

August 16, 2012 9pm at TAMMANY HALL, 152 Orchard Street (between Rivington and Stanton)

July 21, 2012 9pm at CONNOLLY'S KLUB 45, 121 West 45 Street - Times Square

July 7, 2012 8pm at CONNOLLY'S KLUB 45, 121 West 45 Street - Times Square

June 22, 2012 7pm at The Delancey (168 Delancey Street, NYC)

June 9, 2012 3pm at StumpFest / Crawford Park (122 North Ridge StreetRye Brook, NY)

June 8, 2012 9pm at Pianos NYC / 158 Ludlow Street, NYC

Special Guests the INDIGGO TWINS (feat. on Watch The Throne, “Murder to Excellence”)
June 7, 2012 9pm at Olio Club NYC / 3 Greenwich Ave (Btw Christopher St & 6th Ave)


Indiggo by Eric 24
Indiggo by Eric 17

INDIGGO Twins Have Been Nicknamed:

“Double Marvel Voices” (Express-Germany), “Lolitas from Dracula Land” (Popcorn), “Sensational voices” (BILD), “The new Kessler Twins” (Express-Germany), “Indiggo-firework full of life, erotism and talent” (BILD), "Unique phenomenon in the international cultural, entertainment field" (Jurnalul National), "The Miracle Twins–Double Talent" (Actualitatea Muzicala), "Manna from heaven, a divine chance for movie and theatre, complete Artists" (Tricolorul), "Two uncontested talents" (Ultima ora), "Extraordinary actresses" (7 plus),..


"Mihaela and Gabriella are two of the most hardworking, passionate artists I have ever met," commented Richard Stumpf, President of Imagem Music USA. "It doesn't surprise me that their talent and drive were recognized by Swizz, Jay-Z, and Kanye when they opted to use them on the Watch the Throne album. The girls are a triple threat as writers, artists and actresses. We are all excited for their upcoming musical and TV show."

"The girls are the real deal," says Sonenberg. "And did you know that they are real Vampires too? Imagine Dark Shadows meets Cabaret and you will start to get the picture. When their TV show hits the airwaves and their album hits the streets, they are going to be unstoppable!"
(David Sonenberg-DAS Communications)
Sony BMG Germany wrote: "Germany is proud when the twins Mihaela and Gabriela are in the country. There is no wonder! The 22 year-old twin sisters named Indiggo do not only look like international models, but they are also plentifully blessed with musical talent."
The pop-titan Dieter Bohlen said in the most popular European newspaper BILD: “The Indiggo twins have got sensational voices and a double strong will to succeed. I have seen lots of young artists in the music-biz, but not even 3% have got their enthusiasm. Show me other twins as gorgeous as them”.
The owners of “Twins Talent”(NYC), Debbie & Lisa Ganz wrote: “From the minute we met Mihaela & Gabriela, the “Indiggo” twins, we knew that they had a tremendous future for themselves in the United States. It is very rare that we meet twins that are not only beautiful, but they are talented, they sing, they act, they model, they speak several languages and much more. Not only are Mihaela & Gabriela great actresses, but they are very bright ladies. We have met 100,000 families of twins around the world and we recognize talent with a “special niche”. There are many twins & multiples around, but the INDIGGO twins will leave you with a lasting impression.”
The music producer Lee Evans (Cindy Lauper, Mark Anthony, Queen Latifah, Harry Belafonte, Wu Tang Clan,…) said: “I am hoping for Indiggo to be the next major success story to come out as they are extremely hard working, talented, and gifted artists. Artists of this caliber are what the American music industry and pop culture of today is sorely missing. They have a very unique style of entertainment that will cater to a broad base young American market.”
The American celebrity actor Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas”): “The twins Indiggo’ abilities as writers, musicians and performers are quite exceptional and exceedingly rare in ones as young as they both are. I believe that their versatility and talent will make them both very successful in America.” The Broadway producer Marty Bell, winner of 20 Tony Awards: “The Twins Indiggo-Mihaela and Gabriela-sing beautifully, dance with grace and style, have considerable acting experience, write their own popular tunes,…”
The owner of the renowned NY music club “The Cutting Room”- Steve Walter: “The Twins Indiggo have performed several times in our venue to a very receptive and high quality audience. They are extremely talented performers.”
The owner of the American Acting Agency “Impossible Casting”, Craig Lechner: “We have called Mihaela and Gabriela to audition for various high profile clients numerous times, and with each new audition there is always a spontaneity that will surprise us. The twins Indiggo wrote and performed a song and a jingle for the “NY Knicks” and their voices and songwriting truly surprised and impressed the advertising agency.”
Keith Hurd, executive producer of Broadway Channel: “I look forward to a long lasting professional relationship with Indiggo and introducing a large public to their music and electric live performance star power.”
NY Magazine- Indiggo at “The Knitting Factory”: “The very unique, interesting and beautiful act Indiggo covered Queen’s “We Are The Champions” and 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up” as music guests at the Meany Fest Finals, Knitting Factory,…”
Alan Merrill, the lead singer and songwriter of the first and original 1975 version of "I Love Rock N Roll", wrote: "You rock, INDIGGO twins! Wishing you much success! It was lovely meeting you both! Enjoyed your performance~ ~you both have masses of star quality with mountains of charisma~ Lots of love".
The United States recognized their great potential and awarded Mihaela and Gabriela the visa for Extraordinary Ability in the arts.
Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea are now citizens of the United States of America ( and live in New York City, where they have been working on their "Wicked Clone" project.
Gabriela and Mihaela guest starred in the television series "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit", in the Russian/American film "No Love In The City", in the American movie "Van Wilder".
The Indiggo Twins have been featured on the hit summer NBC TV show "America's Got Talent" (3) having reached the semi-finals of the show out of 200,000 acts that auditioned from all over America:

Additionally, Indiggo appeared on “The Tyra Banks Show” - Channel 9 and “The Happy Hour” on FOX Business. The Indiggo Twins were featured in the NY Knicks promos (as well as they wrote the jingle for the NY basketball team) and in the commercials for Dell Computers, Vodka Gorbatschow, etc.
Indiggo Twins' life story and way of becoming in America is fascinating, full of sensational events which will be the subject of a novel, a play and a TV series. Mihaela, the five-minutes older twin sister, will publish this year her first novel in the US. In 2006, she published her first book of poetry, Rage and Love, and was acclaimed as one of the most original poetesses in her native country. Reviewing Mihaela’s poems, journalist Dorin Grigore wrote:

“Reading this book, it’s impossible not to ask God: Oh, Lord, who could ever rise to the love this girl offers? This divine chemistry through which rage turns into love is amazing and overwhelming. ... Mihaela Modorcea creates a visionary landscape of ideas, full of passion, carnal force, and great power. ... Mihaela Modorcea reinvents language itself, in that she looks for the “other” way of naming things, as Plato said in his Cratylus dialogue. ... In Mihaela Modorcea’s verses there lies a theatricality of Shakespearean origin, an air of northern poetry, a steam from Ibsen and Strindberg; her verses are a leaven of Puck's fantasy...”

Indiggo’s motto is “Make the people happy and you shall gather happiness as well”.

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